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Stephanie S. Tolan’s books for children and young adults range from the touching Sophie and the Sidewalk Man, to the hilarious Surviving the Applewhites, from the mysterious The Face in the Mirror, to the riveting and timely Plague Year, from the old-fashioned chills of Who’s There? to her best loved Welcome to the Ark and its sequel, Flight of the Raven.  And although they are intended for children and young adults, many adults find her works just as compelling.

Read Tolan's tale for all ages, Listen!. This dog is wild at heart. How can Charley reach him? And is it worth the risk?  Tolan weaves together themes of nature, family, and love into a complex and powerful portrait of recovery...

And, for younger readers, Wishworks, Inc. Max is not having a good time in his new school or his new life.  His only solace is his imagination, where he discovers a shop where wishes are guaranteed to come true.  Why not wish for what he's wanted all his life--a real, live dog?  Why not indeed?

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