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Author’s Notes – Fall 2010

Somehow or other four years have passed since I last wrote “Author’s Notes.”  Between Fall 2006, just after the publication of Listen!, and Fall 2010, two major writing projects entered the world.  I wrote the early chapter book, Wishworks, Inc., which was published by Scholastic, and launched my new website, with its free downloadable e-book Change Your Story, Change Your Life—a self-empowerment book that came about after people urged me to expand on a talk I gave at a conference in 2005.  These have both been mentioned on my website.

In addition, what hasn’t been said on the website:  in early 2010 I finally wrote the sequel to Surviving the Applewhites that readers have been asking for


Applewhites at Wit’s End is due for publication by HarperCollins in the early spring of 2012! 

It’s interesting to go back and read what I wrote in earlier Author’s Notes, because what a writer projects doesn’t always turn out to be what a writer actually ends up writing!  (At least that’s true in my case.)  Several times I’ve announced that I’m working on the third book of the Ark Trilogy—Beyond the Dark—but this story has definitely had a mind of its own.  Several times I’ve put the manuscript away after writing several chapters or even whole notebooks full of notes.  The truth for me is that I can only write what is busy creating itself in my mind at any given time, and that internal creation process is full of mysteries. 

What I can say for certain is that Beyond the Dark is finally creating itself again.  Here’s hoping the fans of the earlier two volumes, Welcome to the Ark and Flight of the Raven, both of which are available in paperback from Amazon, will have the patience to wait this one out.

And for educators who have wanted to replace their old classroom sets of Plague Year, that book can also be purchased now through Amazon or—if you need a whole classroom set and the price of individual copies there is daunting in this time of budget cutbacks—contact me at and get them directly from me at a special school rate.  The same can be said forWelcome to the Ark and Flight of the RavenIf you need classroom sets, contact me directly.

Thanks for visiting my website and Author’s Notes—I’ll do my best to update more promptly in future.

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