Plague Year

Stephanie S. Tolan

Plague Year

Morrow Junior Books, 1990

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When Bran Slocum first comes to the quiet town of Ridgewood, the reaction is immediate and negative.  Bran's weird appearance sets him apart from the other teenagers and makes him a natural target for bullies.

Sixteen-year-old David Watson is as eager as anyone to distance himself from Bran.  He has enough problems of his own, from getting his father to give up the truck for a Friday night date to figuring out how he's going to pay for college.  Still, Molly Pepper is his oldest friend, and when she takes on Bran as one of her missions, David's attitude slowly changes.

With Molly and David on his side, Bran might have had a chance against the bullies.  But shocking news comes to Ridgewood from what David's father calls "the big, bad world."  Bran's been hiding a horrible secret.  Now that it's out, the town wants him out, and something terrible begins.  It creeps like a contagion - first fear, then hate - until the whole town is infected and all voices of protest are stilled.

Plague Year is a harrowing account of a town that surrenders its humanity.  Yet even as events spin out of control, friendship grows amid the spreading terror, and three teenagers try to stand against the Plague.

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