The Last of Eden

Stephanie S. Tolan

The Last of Eden

Frederick Warne, 1980

"Relationships are never easy or safe or certain," an astute counselor tells Michelle Caine.  But for "Mike" the warning doesn't seem to apply to herself and her best friend and roommate, Marty.  Turnbull Hall is a kind of Eden, where warmth and loyalty and friendship provide all the benefits of family.

During their sophomore year the girls spiritedly contend with the trials of life in a tradition-steeped boarding school.  As Mike pursues her writing and Marty develops her art with a brilliant new teacher, their personal Eden seems secure.  But a serpent has crept into Turnbull Hall - into the chapel and their classrooms, the residence and the hockey field - and for Mike, the illusion of safety doesn't last the year.

Stephanie S. Tolan has written a perceptive and powerful novel about friendship and loss and, ultimately, about the need to believe in oneself.

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